Welcome to HONKCRAFT

This is the website for the Minecraft mini-games server, Honkcraft. Here, we post regular news updates about the server.

You are most likely here to apply for the VIP or Staff ranks.

In the near future we hope to add functioning leaderboards and other features to the site. Glad to see you here. Have fun!

Honkopoly is online!

Our Discord chat game Honkopoly will now be online 24/7 so that it can be played at all times on our Discord Server.

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Honkcraft needs staff!

Honkcraft is in need of staff, especially to promote the server. We need a volounteer to bring new people to the server and make sure everyone is having a good time.

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Shop under construction.

The Shop at HUB is currently under construction. When it is done you will be able to buy custom armour there, using your Honk-coins.

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Honkcraft is online!!!

The Minecraft Server is now LIVE and online 24/7. Connect through play.honkcraft.net port: 19132.

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