Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honkcraft a server for Java or Bedrock edition?

Honkcraft is currently only available for players on the Bedrock edition to join.

How do I connect to the server?

Open the server tab in Minecraft

Click on “Add Server” at the bottom.

Enter the Honkcraft details

Click “Play”

How do I get the VIP rank?

You can buy the VIP rank in the Shop on this website. You can also become a VIP by boosting the discord server.

What are the advantages of being a VIP?

VIPs get many perks that regular players do not. With the VIP rank you get access to games that are not playable for others, you can buy cosmetics that non-VIPs cannot, you get the vip rank on discord and a VIP hub kit which includes an elytra. We intend to add more perks for VIP players in future. Currently being a VIP does not have advantages for Honkopoly, this will change soon.

How do I become staff?

Note: To apply for staff you must be 18+
Staff positions are currently unpaid.
You can apply to become staff on the Discord server in the #apply-for-staff channel or by filling in the Contact form. We generally only accept staff if you have a specific skill. Below is a list of skills that would be useful to the Honkcraft team, in order of utility:
-Promoting (bringing new players to the server, playing with them, helping them and moderating the discord server)
Building (only if you’re really really good)
Coding Javascript plugins for BDSX
Coding Discord bots
Creating Addons (mostly using functions, advanced knowledge of commands is a must)
Web designing (building and managing the website)
Texturing (blocks and entities)
3D modelling (Blockbench)
Animating 3D models
Creating audio media (Music and sound effects)
Programming server software

How can I join the Discord server?

You can join the discord server by clicking here or by clicking the link on the right side of the page (at the bottom of the page if you are on mobile or tablet). You can only join the Discord server if you already have a Discord account. If you do not yet have Discord, you can make an account here.

Where can I report a glitch or make a suggestion?

There are channels in the Discord server to report glitches and make suggestions. You can report glitches there for the mini-games as well as for the Discord game, Honkopoly. If you do not have Discord you can report glitches and make suggestions using the Contact form.

Where can I report a hacker?

You can report hackers in the #report-hacker channel in the Discord server or fill in the Contact form. Ideally, you would provide video proof of the hacking.

What is Honkopoly

Honkopoly is our Discord bot. It is a chat game similar to Dankmemer. It is a Minecraft themed game in which you can earn coins and compete with friends.